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Where Chief and Council know best.

Advisory Services

Tailored To Your Communities Needs.

At NorthCo. We believe that Chief and Council know best. We provide financial advice so Chief and Council can make informed decisions for their community.

We provide advisory services that are tailored to your needs so that Chief and Council can focus on the things that matter like community leadership, program delivery, and capacity development.

We Offer:

  • 24/7 availability to Chief and Council.
  • Advocacy for your community’s financial independence.
  • Training and capacity development.
  • Flexible administration of your finances.

What we offer

Services Available

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Let us do the hard work. Our CPA’s can assist with as much or as little of your bookkeeping as Chief and Council deem appropriate.

Payroll Management

With an HR expert on staff, we can help manage your payroll and administration while you focus on the important things like programming and the needs of your community.

Economic Development

First Nation Communities deserve to be financially independent. We can help you get there with business advice and assistance with grants & loans.

Proposals and Reporting

Get the most out of Government and other available funding. We can seek out, apply for, and report on additional funding available to your community.

Program Delivery Support

Some programs are complex and require specific record-keeping and reporting methods. We can help you plan your program delivery to meet deliverables and reporting requirements.

Business Planning

Do you have a business that you’d like to create? We specialize in Indigenous focused business plans on both the community and individual level. We also apply for grants and loans on your behalf to support start up costs.


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